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Hello, I am posting this to find out how I can fix a very sticky gear shift coming in and out of Park. I have an auto shift. The gear knob sometimes gets stuck half-in half-out and needs a hefty push on the shift stick to completely register in Park. Then the key can be removed.

When trying to start the car, I turn the key to ignite engine but car won't start until I give the stick a wham (as if to push it up more into Park). I have also seen the ABS light come on (and then off) a few times. One time more recently, the same problematic ignition problem was coupled by the car actually starting and then died a few seconds after - this was one of those times when the ABS indicator appeared.

I have read on a few threads about using oil to lubricate the gear shift. Is this appropriate in my case?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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