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WYB? Volkswagen Jetta SportWagon R

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Golf R Wagon? - VWVortex

Volkswagen R has been saying lately that they plan to expand the R lineup across more models. The overall strategy seems to mirror Audi where there is a lower “R-Line” version and then a full “R” version. Rumors from the German press talk of an “RS” model as well in the future.

So it makes sense that VW would consider building a Golf R Variant/Wagon. Dipping into the parts bin from the Golf R is pretty straight forward and other than a custom rear valance for the Variant, the changes would be minimal. Caught testing at the Nurburgring this week is this supposed test mule of a possible Golf R Variant/Wagon. We can only hope that with Golf 7 production being in Mexico now, that we get something like this as well. Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll pass them along to Volkswagen of America.
This could be the perfect car for people that want a fun to drive yet practical vehicle. Hopefully they can manage to keep the pricing at a reasonable level (unlike the last R) and maintain a six speed manual option.
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not a big fan. for some reason it looks like a hyundai to me. or maybe hyundais are starting to look like jettas?
i like the new allroad much better for a waggie.
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In a different color and with different wheels than in the picture...hell yeah.
No. But I would buy this:
rub it in
And it comes in two flavors also, a 220 hp 2.0l turbo gasoline or 184 hp 2.0l turbo diesel.
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