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WTB: Stock front springs or similar for 2003 1.8T FWD

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Just BROKE a front spring. I'm looking to stay stock or very near. I would put on 1BE springs, but not something that drops it a ton.

Anybody have some?
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tried to PM you but couldn't. see below.

Great. How many miles are on the springs?

Could you box them up and have them at a UPS location tomorrow? I would email you a prepaid label to tape on them. I really need them for this weekend, which is why im asking about the timing.

Also, could you tell me what paint codes are on your springs please?
I can box them up for shipping.
Could you tell me the color codes please?

And how can I get ahold of you directly? Your PM box isn't working.
I hate to step on the toes of this sale, but if you still need these, I also have a set available. If the above ones don't work out, you can shoot me an email at [email protected]
Thanks for all offers! I believe i have found the needed springs. I'll post back again if anything doesn't work out.
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