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I will be needing to make a repair to my 2004 B5.5 Passat GLX - I am looking for either a suitable black parts car for sale or the parts.

At a minimum, I would need the front bumper, lower grilles (driver's side grilles, with foglamp opening), driver's (front left) fender and the fender inner liner. My Passat has the turn-signals/markers in the mirror housings, so I would prefer to find the fender without the marker light, but I could live with them on there (but then I'd need the passenger-side fender, as well). There are also some misc. parts behind the fender and bumper that I'll need (support braces, windshield washer tank, etc.).

Again, I'm looking for the OEM gloss black (non-metallic) paint, so that I can avoid needing to paint the parts.

I'm in SE Michigan, but can travel into Ohio, Indiana and Northern IL (even southern, WI, if necessary). I can tow a parts car away, so that's not an issue if the car has to be sold whole.
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