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would like to add DRL to my 2014 Passat SE MFD menu Toms River NJ area

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If anyone is anywhere near the Toms River NJ area with VAG-COM that would be interested to just add DRL to my MFD display for my 2014 Passat SE 1.8, there's a case of your favorite beer waiting for you. That's all I'd like to do, unless there other suggestions that wouldn't compromise the electronics. Please PM me if interested. Thanks in advance.
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I was thinking about something similar with my 2013 with the mirrors tilting down when in reverse. Did you ask the dealer first, I was wondering if the dealer would turn these options on?
I was thinking about something similar with my 2013 with the mirrors tilting down when in reverse. Did you ask the dealer first, I was wondering if the dealer would turn these options on?
Service department said "it's illegal" to operate a car without daytime running lights. I informed them that not all cars have DRL. He said "oh". That's why I posted this. I don't know about the mirror tilt capability with VAG-Com on your car, maybe some will respond to your question.

As far as the dealer turning them on, good luck. I get the impression that the dealers are under threat by the manufacturer if they alter the stock factory settings. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems as though anything not set at the factory is a no no. Sad since so many capabilities reside within the software of these cars that would benefit the owners.

Maybe there are features that will be introduced on higher trim levels for upcoming model years and VW doesn't want to degrade the value proposition for more features= more profit if someone knows they can enable it with VAG_COM at the dealerships? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
To those that are interested, yesterday I had a couple of functions enabled on my 2014 Passat SE /roof 1.8T automatic (production date 1/14) that I am very pleased to have, and surprised that one function was even available after reading on this forum by another member was unavailable.

1. On my MFA, under lights, DRL is NOW INCLUDED under the menu option. When selected and checked, DRL are enabled, as they were by default, from the factory. Good news now, is that when unchecked, DRL are disabled. Now, on those nice clear days, I'm able to disable this feature, which will preserve the bulb life. Apparently this is a stock feature in the European version which until now, was dormant, until activated on my 2014.

2. As an unexpected bonus, when the sunroof venting feature from the key fob was activated by pressing and HOLDING the UNLOCK button on the fob, ALL windows, ie., both front windows, and both rear windows open. If the windows are opened, and the sunroof is in the vented (rear tilted open) position, then the locked button on the fob LOCK POSITION is pressed and HELD, all four windows AND the roof close fully!

I haven't tried to see if the roof closes from the fully opened position due to having to get home. I'm surprised that the window open/close function worked because another forum member indicated that this wasn't available on B7 Passat's. I'm not sure about other B7's, but mine does!

Another thing I would like to look into, is to find out if I do or don't have a rain sensor to see if the auto wiper/rain sensor can be activated (if sensor is available) for my windows and sunroof can be set to close automatically when the car is shut off if it rains. That will be for another day.

I have, and had no interest whatsoever for coding to be rewritten for the software in my car. I like everything stock, not a mod fan. These features were merely "activated" as they reside in the software from the factory and were until now in a "dormant" state. It's pretty cool that this nicely appointed sedan that gets great fuel economy, that's turbo is designed to run on regular fuel (vs. premium) has a couple of cool premium features activated which provide some nice convenience features that are practical and appreciated without having to spend Benz/BMW money for.

Now if the rain sensor/auto window/roof close feature is an available "dormant feature" that is just waiting to become "activated", then I'd say that I did pretty well spending less than mid 25K range for this fine car with the new 1.8T. I never expected to be so happy trading out of my mint condition 2011 GTI DSG and I am with my new Passat, but I am!

If anyone is interested in an update to see if the rain sensor/window close feature works, respond here and I will let all know, otherwise I'll just enjoy it.
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I would also like to add DRL to my menu and make my fog lights act as DRL. Is there anyone in Apple Valley or Victorville Area in California?
65Strad - that's cool that those dormant features were 'woken up'! I wonder if the roof/window opening thing (and closing due to rain) would work with our 2013. Those are very cool features to have. I hear 'ya on the BMW/Benz thing. We have a '97 528 that has similar features (not the rain thing, though) and when we bought the Passat, I was surprised to see that a VW at 16 years newer didn't have that feature. It would be great if I could activate that! Thanks for posting!
Where did you go or who are you going to, to get it activated?
Hey guys...I JUST took possession of a 2014 TSI SE and was wondering the same things.

Is there a VAGCOM locater post on here? I would love to hook up with someone who knows their code in SoCAl area.

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