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Been working on 2006, Passat, 2.0t, for about a week now. Air filter housing to the air cleaner assembly, doesn't want to cooperate. Transmission fluid and filter change (A9-TF60SN), transmission. Solved the problem of how to fill it and change the fluid and filter. Oil leak at oil filter cup, top of cup, assuming that it is cracked. New filter, and oil drips after oil change and motor hasn't been started yet from fresh oil in cup. As to prime the filter. Now after starting motor, drips constantly, like dirty oil. New O-Ring. Assume cup was tightened to far before and is now cracked. (25 Newton Meters) torque. Back to the dealership.
The questions of how to check and change the transmission fluid and filter, along with the pan gasket. Pan bolts (8), (62 inch lbs. torque). Filter bolts (3), (97 inch lbs torque). Transmission plug to pan, (20 foot lbs. torque).
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