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wish me luck help update

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my tb broke back in feb,on my bday :cry: . but tomorrow i will be buying new pistons valves ecs tb kit 18 hp evo fmic giac and i already have some neuspeed springs from gb and front sway and upper strut, rotors from brembo lights from cullen will take me forever to get all this stuff on but it will be fun i hope......and my baby will run again.. :lol: :lol: :lol: i will hopefully be able to get some help somewhere not sure where yet...thanks for all the help ill post pics whenever i get done
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Luck has been wished.

Sounds like a hell of a lot of mods... it'll be a whole new animal when you get it back!
i think i need some more

i think i need some more head might be damaged and need replacement i will be posting pics for your views on it. the part doesnt look like something that was broke by belt breaking but if it ran fine before why wouldnt it run fine again....i'll see what you guys think...
well friday is the big day ecs ultimate tb kit and a few gaskets and ill be on the road again....may need some more luck...ivw been looking at all this stuff for so long i cant wait to be driving my car again...
i still need the luck but not untill monday ecs didnt have the head gasket in stock and sent it seperate so i wont get it until monday...oh well
Holy crap man, that's an insane amount of mods/repairs. More power to ya man!

Good luck,
are u going 1.9L, just adding forged pistons, or simply replacing with the stockers?
replacing stocker..but turns out i didnt have to so now i got a bunch of pistons i dont need
Good luck brother! I was thinking and actually doin the same as u, buying mods slowly but then isntalling them all at once... So that it feels like you moved up from a stock passat to an f1 car :D once again, GOOD LUCK!
ecs next day aired me my gasket and i got it this morning (saturday)and i am hard at work right now....
wrong belt?

tb problem i just got stuff on the car and timing is off by a tooth my old belt was 058 109 119a and my new one is whatever they send with kit but it says 153 on it i have the wrong belt?
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