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Hello everyone,

A bit of background first.

It's a 2007 Passat B6 Saloon 2.0L BPY.
I bought it 2 months ago from a person who told me that the wipers do not work. A couple of weeks before selling it, he took it to a garage because the rear windows were not working anymore. They found a cut wire in one of the doors and fixed the problems. They also tested to see what's wrong with the wipers and on the bill it says "control module defect". I said ok, no biggie, im gonna go to the scrapyard, take a new control module (J519) and a wiper assembly ( motor + linkage) just in case. Keep in mind that the windshield washer works perfectly fine.
I swapped the control module, no luck. I swapped the wiper motor, no luck. I tried mixing them ( old and new), still nothing. I got another wiper motor and still nothing changed. It will not work.

I ran a scanner on it and i get back error code V216. I assumed it could be the wiring since i changed both of those parts and nothing changed.
There are 3 wires connected to the wiper motor. Red - Power, Brown - Ground and Lilac which i assume it's the signal from the wiper switch on the steering column.
The voltage i get for the power is 12-14 V depending if the car is on or off. However i get no voltage on the Lilac wire if the car is either on or off. I traced this Lilac wire to the J519 module and it tested positively for continuity.

I do not know what else to do since i can't find a wiring diagram from the switch on the steering column module(code 3C0953549L) to the J519 module so i can test it's continuity.

Any bit of help is deeply appreciated since i'm a broke ass college kid who doesn't afford to pay a VW specialist.
Thank you very much :)

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for some reason I believe it might be the relay... memory escapes me but think itbis located in relay panel by driver's left knee behind "glove box/storage bin" you just open ,push plastic "stop" out of the way, tilt further down and it will flip out, will see if I can find my relay diagram today
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