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Went out in my Passat early this morning with wiper blades on intermittent when I noticed that the drivers side blade got trapped under the passenger blade. Both blades got twisted and mangled.

As I bought the blades about two weeks ago from a parts store (made to fit a Passat B5) and used them frequently in the last 250 miles, I returned them to the parts store where I had them replaced no quibble.

When I got this done I the blades worked again but the new drivers blade was chattering as the blade was resting at a bad angle towards the upper end of the screen, suggesting that the arm got twisted. Also the new blade now rests further towards the bottom of the windscreen. I got the guy fitting the blades to twist the arm so that the blade was resting towards 90 degrees to the screen like the passenger side. It no longer chatters.

Also if I try to lift the drivers blade from the windscreen, the blade aerofoil catches the passenger blade. It seems as if the arm has skipped a notch on its spindle moving it lower down the screen. So now i'm pretty scared that the blades with much less clearance between them will clash again.

I tried to remove the whole drivers wiper arm assembly but the nut holding the arm onto the spindle seems to be seized on solid. I was reluctant to use any brute force in case I stripped the spindle, so for now I have sprayed some penetrating oil (WD40) onto the nut.

Whilst I wait for it to soak in over a couple of days, I thought it would useful if anyone could chime if they have experienced anything similar and have any advice.

Thanks in advance.
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