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?Will a 99 V6 non-DBW require a Vag for TBA?

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I am going to be swapping Throttle Bodies in a while and I know the Vag is required for the DBW cars, but I am not sure for the non-DBW cars. Will the key in the ignition, driver side door and hood open work, or will I need to do a Vag TBA?

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Yes, I've NEVER had good luck doing that hood/door/key song and dance with my 99. I really wish I had a VAG. If you have access to one, definitely have it on hand before you try anything like this.

There are some local people who do have one, so I will ask them for help when I do the swap.

Thanks for your help.
Can it be done with a ProDiag also?
Should be able to do with ProDiag. Don't have the instrucitons in front of me though.
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