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Hi All - new to the forum. I have a new Passat B8 with full Discovery pro media set-up.
I am honestly surprised to find after purchasing that the SIM card is already used by Cubic mobile and I cannot change it... a brand new car where I can't add a sim card - great that we appear to be going backwards.

Anyhow - due to this, my question is - I want to use a WFIF donlge to provide the family with a hotspot in the car - using the car hotspot functionality.
I fitted on and it works great - so long as every time you start the car, yo go to settings and select the dongle in the WIFI settings.

Does anybody know how to make the damned car system autoconnect to the wifi dongle?
my guess is the car does a search for wifi when started and the dongle hasn't booted yet?
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