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wierd noise need help! Liquid sloshing around

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so i noticed that my car is making a wierd noise by rear passanger tire.. right around where the gas tank is... now my car has almost a full tank of gas but if you were to shake the car you hear a good amount of liquid sloshing around... it would be like if you filled a water bottle half full then lightly moved it up and down... now is this normal?? also the sloshing liquid keeps the car rocking back and forth for about a second or 2.. any ideas as to what this is would be greatly appreciated... :rolleyes:
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It could just be the gas sloshing around iin the tank, which is, obviously, normal. If the radio is off and the outside environment is quiet you can hear it faintly sometimes. It's quite noticible if the rear seats are folded down.

On the other hand, check the floors and trunk thoroughly for any wet areas. If everything is dry, however, it is probably just the gas tank.
it was really really loud... i used to have a fullsize truck with a 25 gallon tank and it never sloshed around like this... and that was the first thing i check and everything was dry.. car is under warranty do u think i could get a new tank...
Well, i obviously cant diagnose it, but unless it's leaking or on fire I would suspect your chances of getting a whole new gas tank are pretty slim.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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