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wide body kit

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does anyone have any pics of the strictly foriegn wide body kit???
heres a link of the kit.....
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Sorry, I don't have pics, but that is one mean looking Passat. Planning on putting this on your car, or just browsing?
its too expensive, but i would love too see it done.....
its all would get beat up badly fast riding that low
tru... but its soooooooo nasty lookin :eek:
Exactly thats nasty :puke: :puke: Not in a good way either :thumbdow:
here was a similar post a couple weeks ago...

another flame fest :lol:
It looks cool except the side skirts :thumbdow:
its not sumpthin i would do......just sumpthin i wanted to see....
wide body... yaaaaaay... :roll:
U say you hate ricers so much VDUBRACER, but damn dude, that kit is mighty ricy to me. i hate the kit w/ a passion, if you want a nice wide body kit go to and find their wide body kit for a passat, it's pretty hot.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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