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Why the hype for tacky seat covers?

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What's with all this Katskin crap? They look absolutely horrid, are ill-fitting, clash with the classiness of the Passat's persona, yet still somehow garner all of this support despite their tackiness. Am I missing something here? Why don't you just get some actual leather seats out of a wrecked Passat, A4 or A6? I don't understand. :crazy:
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Well, what/who are you refering to?. Regardless, the covers is an aquired taste, but some people like them, so don't. I would not, but more power to the peeps that do, their choices..... after all, not everyone can afford a whole new set of leather seats, even out of a wrecked passat, they are going to be more then seat covers :poke: :wink:
Katzkin just makes the stuff. The door is left wide open for the individual and opinions are like bellybuttons. I've only seen one custom interior I thought was absolutely ridiculous. Let's just say it involved piping and a odd sense of patriotism.

As for the fit, I've noticed a majority of the pictures posted have been by those whom have recently finished their installs. The fit looks odd because the new 'skins largely haven't been put to the test and more finely fitted. It's a big job and a lot of people are just anxious to snap a photo when the largest part of the task is complete.
I was thinking about reupholstering in black leather with a kit from ClassicSoftTrim, but ran out of funds after my accident :( I was just going to go straight black. It would be WAAY cheaper than buying from the wrecker, especially when the wrecker will not sell door panels and other trims separately.

Besides, the quality of stock leather in VWs is not very good, and I have read that they wear out fast. Might as well get a new set of leathers instead of one that has been used for 100,000 miles already.

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