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Why does my ATW have the vacuum system from an AUG?

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I have been fighting this vac leak for three months. Last night, I was looking at the Bentley, and enlightenedly decided to check the other vac systems, because mine was not matching up to the ATW in two places. One of those places was leaking.

There it was - the AUG vac diagram. A perfect representation of what is in my engine bay.

I know, I know. Varies Widely.......
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Not meaning to highjack your thread here, but I'm having an ATW vacuum leak problem myself. However, the manual that I have does not have a vacuum diagram in it. I have a big time loss of boost and can't find the defective hose. Anyway you might be able to email me a copy of the diagram from your book? My email is [email protected].
I'd really appreciate it.
What's your build date, so I send you the right one!
wait.. what?
this little culperate that you couldn't fix was actually part of a vac system for a different engine model???
why was that? o_O
maybe you have a late model atw and vw had some running changes?
maybe you have a late model atw and vw had some running changes?
Vw, running changes, say it aint so. :whistle: :D
According to the stickers inside my drivers door, my build date is 12/99.
Patrick - on the way.
here's a photo of the vac system in my ATW:
damn if that doesn't look like a home brewery!! :p
It's the ultimate bong hose. ;)

Yup, that looks like the AUG one. LOL, silly Volkswagen!
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