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Why do people love tacky cars?

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I was in the security console the other day and this dude had this riced out Accord on his desktop :suspicio:. I mean clear tails, big spoiler, chrome wheels and a terrible body kit.

So I say "is that yours?"
He says no. Its from a show.
I said that its terrible. He goes "Whhhhhhat? That sh1t is dope" :roll:
So I look at him :poke: and he brings up his car. Its a Acura 2.5RL (nice car,I've seen it in the parking lot before) but he has 18" chrome wheels on it and they are just ghetto (even in silver). So he starts talking about it and he brings up the rather telling him that he needs help etc....I kind of turned around and started talking to another guy.....all I heard is 18 inch wheels and quiet after that. LMAO

I just don't get how people love these terribly modified really blows my mind. They get mad when you laugh at them too.....sometimes I think they know they are idiots.....I mean I guess we are all different but....

PS. I love the dudes in Escalades and Navis with 23" chromes......HOLLA!! LMAO those make me laugh hard!!!!

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When I read the topic I was expecting something more like this

The popular chrome ghetto-fabulous styling may not be my taste but it's their money to burn :)
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Mac wait til you see my post in few days...when I get my digi back....theres a dude with a Jetta you won't believe!!!

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lol Mac.

The point of overly large chrome wheels is to attract attention. Whether it's "oh what a jackass" or "damn man, that tizzitttt!", they want it. Anyone ever read the works of Ayn Rand? People like such mentioned above, focus their lives around what others think of them, and they do everything for others, so people tell them they've got a blingbling car. And by that, they're satisfied. They desire no more than to please the public through their own self sacrafice (mostly money, in this case, since chrome rims are twice as expensive as their painted counterpart). She called those people "second handers". I call 'em insecure. :p
Every one has thier own personal preferences for styles of cars. Just because we dont care for a certain type of car and how it is modified doesn't make it wrong, or ours better. I think tacky attention-getters are lame, but to each his own.
Somber Goat said:
I liked that bus. It looked like something straight out of a cartoon. Very 8) .
Well, personally i don't really feel persuaded about the arguement that everything is subjective, and everyone's taste is just as valid as anybody else's. I really think you can judge even subjective tastes with some sort of criterion. I think a criterion that could be used is consistency to judge fixed up cars, or even other art forms.

If you like at riced out cars, there's usually not too much consistency. As a previous poster mentioned, typical ricers do mods that are meant to attract attention, such as dubs, parkbench rear wings, overdone chrome parts, altezzas, etc. Such flashy mods make the car look tacky, because I think they create inconsistency. Either the chrome on the dubs or the altezzas stand out way too much, or the cheapo body kit just doesn't flow with the lines of the vehicle. Another way of looking at it, would be that it looks mismatched. Even if ricers have the dough and effort to build up something dramatic, usually the results are no less disastrous. Look at some of the cars in TFATF for instance. Likewise, if you look at some of the more clean looking euro rides or japanese cars, you'll notice that there usually isn't much awkward about them. Either they look OEM, or they have a clean consistent look and/or theme.

I'm sure there are other factors as well, but that's all I can think of now
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At least Andy didn't say anything about my love for that ghettolicious Scion grocery cart we saw at the auto show! :oops:

I have no idea why people like ugly cars. Maybe it is an extension of their own personalities? :suspicio:

Seriously, it is a good thing not everyone has the same taste. I do agree about the theme or homogenous idea thing.
I wish I had that cheese bus to take to school everyday. Must be a 12" sub underneath each seat....;)
I am feeling this :p
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