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who has FK hightech sport kit?

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do you like the Fk hightech sport kit. how is the ride? the drop? have you had any other suspension set up on your B5? how does it compare? $375 for springs and shocks in GB seems cheap is FK a quality company? thank you
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FK is a good company, for the price point many seems to like the comfortable ride of the hightech sport kit. FK did have one major QC fiasco last year with shipping out mislabeled kits. However, the head of FK did take full responsibility and posted a thread in this and many other forums declaring their boo boo.

I believe the snafu has been resolved, and FK is just now back up to normal inventory on the 35-40mm kit. See the email below sent to me last week from one of their dealer.

Creative Autoworks said:

We just got news that FK will possibly have the 35-40mm kits in stock, i will notify you if in deed this kit is available from FK. We believe the delay in inventory is due to correcting the earlier issues with correct springs, and the demand and back log it created.

Eric Fancett

Creative Autoworks
As one of those caught up in last year's fiasco, let me issue a cautionary fair warning ...

Be prepared for a drop in excess of that suggested by the kit (35/40mm translates roughly to 1.375 to 1.5 inches). My own experience with a B5 v6 manual was an ultimate drop front and rear of two inches. I know my experience was not unique. If you have snow belt or other problems with a drop greater than 1.5 inches, my advice would be to stay away from this setup.

Assurances were made on this site that customers caught up in last year's misery would be reimbursed for replacement of the defective springs. To my knowledge, noone has been reimbursed. My own request for reimbursement was not even afforded the dignity of an answer. So, for me, FK's customer service merits a big zero.
well my fk rides amazing but as eirebob saiud the drop is more than indicated, mine was the 55/40 kit and it dropped almost 3.5 inches in the front and 3 in back.i am completely satistfied but make sure it what your looking for.
hmm i was thinking the 55/40 but maybe I should consider the 35/40 cause 3.5 maybe alittle to extreme for me here in the northwest
the ride itself is good, but, like other peole have mentioned the drop is more than what is stated, so I give it a 6/10 overall.
I'm one of the mislable spring victims. Although I did receive the coilover to replace the rear spring. Just never had the chance to install it. I'm gonna try to do it myself.
Tru dat on the lower than expected height but for me it turned out to be a good look.

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veedubyo-- is that the 35/40 kit or 40/55?
B54ME said:
veedubyo-- is that the 35/40 kit or 40/55?
Judging from the gaps, looks like the 35-40mm. Looks good to me :thumbup:

veedubyo - 1.8T or V6 ?
35/40 kit
i have fk coilovers on 19" rs6 rims 235/35/19 excellent ride especialy round bends.doesnt like pot holes though.
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I love my fK suspension. A friend of mine bought Koni Yellows and H&R springs. In the end he still likes my ride quality better.

The swirls in these pictures are going to be out later on today, i just picked up all the meguiars cleaning products and will begin washing/cleaning shortly.

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merk, how much drop on ur car? looks awesome even wit 17s dude!
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