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2013 VW Passat SE 2.5
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I have a '13 SE 2.5 that has been throwing white smoke at start-up the last two weeks. The initial time I saw it, I checked the oil which was barely registering on the dipstick. I have since refilled and regularly checked and maintained oil level, however, I am still getting the white smoke. It is not due to the cold weather, it is a definite smoke. Am I looking at a head gasket issue, PCV valve??

Earlier in the week it threw a "Check Fuel Cap" light a couple times, a week after I had fueled last. Then today I poured a Lucas Fuel Treatment in the tank, filled with fuel, and then it wouldn't start. After giving it the pedal, it started up and seems to act fine now... still the white smoke.

Anybody experienced any of the above? Open to all advice, repair, and things to look for. Thanks.
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