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Well, this winter I am going to take my stock rims off (which I actually really like, mostly because they are in good shape and very clean) and have dedicated snows on 15" steelies - no hubcaps. I'm going for the stolen look :thumbup: because someone who parks near me has a newer silver A4 and did the same last season and it really did look pretty neat.

So I think I've narrowed it down too Pirelli Winter Carving.

They are said to;
be priced well at $63\tire on tirerack,
handle well,
provide good snow traction (not overly worried about ice traction),
and have good tread life.

And they look good, which is a factor.

So, anybody out there use these, or have any experiences?

I know the Dunlop M3's get a lot of good play, but they cost a few bucks more and I'm trying keep the overall price tag down.

Thanks for any replies :bowdown:
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