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Which (PEPBOYS, Tire Plus, Monroe, etc) shop uses 5W-40 syn for oil change?

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Other than indy shops, which of the chain (PEPBOYS, Tire Plus, Monroe, etc) shop uses 5W-40 synthetic (meeting VW 502 standard) for engine oil changes? I called around and I am getting inconsistent replies from different locations of these chain shops. For example, I called one shop and ask if what weight they use for synthetic.
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Couldn't you just request they use 5-40? I thought most places kept many oils on shelf.

I've done all mine, so I can't give any advice other than the obvious 'bend over at the dealer' routine. At least you'd know what oil they use.
Just supply the oil and filter and have them change it.
the pep boys near me will allow you to provide the oil & filter for the change. if you do that, then their service charge for the change is $20. i don't know which full synthetic brand they use, but if you've got a v6, as long as it is full synthetic and 5w-40, then i wouldn't worry about the 502 spec so much. 1.8t is the pickier engine when it comes to oil and avoiding sludge issues.

if you can't do it yourself, then find a deal on the oil & filter you want to use and take it to pep boys for a $20 change. that's what i do when i'm too lazy.
I used to do all my own oil changes, but lately, I figured it just isn't worth it considering the time, the mess of going under the car, etc.

Good to know that PEPBOYS will allow us to bring our own oil. I'll do just that then.

BTW, I was at Autozone and oil is on sale. Castrol Edge with STP 5W-40 and Mobile 1 0W-40 are priced at $32.99 for 5 quarters.
BTW, I was at Autozone and oil is on sale. Castrol Edge with STP 5W-40 and Mobile 1 0W-40 are priced at $32.99 for 5 quarters.

What VW standard do you go with for the B5? VW 502 or 504. 504 is okay with Mobile 1 ESP 5W-30, but not 502. I am a little confused here.
i hit that same sale last week, but my v6 takes 6.5 quarts, so i had to buy 2 quarts at regular price... $33 became $50, but it still saved me money.

i believe that either spec should be ok for a b5. i think 504 is the newer/updated spec. i tend to stick with the castrol edge 5w-40. i don't really give too much concern over the spec, i just make sure that i use 5w-40 full synthetic and preferably a good name (like mobil1, castrol, valvoline, etc.) some guys love the other off-brand or euro brands, but i find the usual brands i listed easier to find at the local parts stores.

here's some more info for you: VW/Audi oil spec question - does 504 replace 502? - Bob Is The Oil Guy
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