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Which HALO Projector headlights will fit HID bulbs, and aren't total crap

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Someone backed into my car, so now is as good a time as any to replace the headlights. I used to have a great set of I think DEPO ones on my 97 VR6, but now all sites are flooded with these cheap headlight assemblies that are of poor quality, cheap plastic in place of metal and apparently most of which say they can fit HID's, but absolutely do not lol.

I know ECS has the JOM brand, never used them myself though. Don't want to end up with dull lights :thumbdown
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I know someone has to have a good set on here
IMO DEPO are generally considered OK, most other low priced units are not, and no low priced lights are anywhere near as good as the original.
^ x2, what Tom said.

I had DEPO headlights and they were good. Adding a DDMTuning HID kit made them better. But then again, I didn't go with halo headlights. I consider most of those "total crap" regardless - at least in the styling department.
I bought the black helix OEM reps on ebay, without halos... the cut off lines are not great and my drivers side headlight adjusters broke, complained to seller that they were cheap and they just shrugged it off said user error.

Cheap headlights = crap! I'm leaving them on my car while I open up the factory headlights and set them up with HID and paint them.
I've done this dance on a few different VAG cars and can safely say I've tried OEM replacements, DEPOs, and cheaper ebay headlights. DEPOs are the only lights that meet the $/value ratio I require. OEM lights are the best fit, but the baskets still suck. It's my opinion that the B5.5 OEM assemblies are pretty much ALMOST crap, especially for the $/value ratio since the baskets always break. DEPO's fit pretty well, they look the part, and they are fairly cheap. The cheapest lights on ebay are also 100% crap. Unless you just want to see again, don't waste your time. Fitment is terrible.
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