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The reason fio city cars is VW gouges us so much markup money in this country that the dealers had nothing to sell at the low end. So they were whining away about no entry level cars.
The solution would be to make our Passat prices more in line with the US, but no, they were not going to do that, the result is they brought back the Mexican made Jetta and Rabbit called them city cars threw in smaller motors and the sales guys now have something to compete with at the low end of the market.
The US already gets a better price break, so VW figured there would be no market south of the border way for the new city cars.
We up here pay what the market will bare. A corvette down south is around 47, 000, so it should be around 55,000 or so here, but it is not, GM throws a little 20000 premuim on it for us, just about all profit and we all pay 70,000+ if we want one, same with Vipers and a whole lot of models.
Everyone claims we like small cars more up here than the US, bull, it is because it is all we can afford and the gas is another buck higher, and we are all forced into small cars, the real reason we think small and you heard it here.
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