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where would you buy a MAF sensor for your AEB?

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Plan on cleaning my MAF sensor, but want to know the best place to purchase another incase the cleaning goes bad. I saw a lot of threads about cleaning them, and using a non residue electronics cleaner. Some use rubbing alcohol, and I wondered if there was anything bad about using it.
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Rubbing alchohol is only 70% alchohol - it has glycerin and other ingredients that will mess up your MAFS something awful. You need to find pure alchohol, like 98-99%. The better stores will stock this next to the rubbing alchohol.
no problem, I bought a electronics cleaner from radio shack. The kind that doesn't leave a residue, and there are no problems with it.
Oh, to answer the question, I'd try Liberty VW, drewparts, parts4vws, or Or the local dealer, but I bet they'd have to order it anyway, and they'd be more expensive. Be prepared to spend some $$$.
i bought mine from ecs tuning.
ECS had some great prices on the MAF, but mine cleaned up real nicely.
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