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Hey guys, do you know who sells the B5/B5.5 leveling switch for the headlights? I'm back into my Passat and I pulled out the parts I had. I'm missing my boost-valve and my leveling switch.

I have modified headlamps with E55 bixenons in them and the motors, can't find the switch though. I also have the W8s but unless there's an easy way to control the motors 'manually' without the auto-level parts, I'm putting the modded E55 setup in. Which, btw, works as awesome as the W8s.

The part number I scrounged up is 3B0-941-333-B-01C, however, it's listed in many places as 3B0-941-333-C. Impex shows they have it but for nearly $40 w/o the shipping.

Any help on obtaining one is appreciated.
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