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Where to find exterior door trim?

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So I need the belt trim (door trim? door molding? not sure what to call it) for my rear passenger door.

So far I'm having no luck with local salvage yards, or Google fu. Any suggestions? This is a wagon, will it make a difference?

If any of you have one of these laying around that will fit a 2003 let me know.


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What color? I have access to 7 junkyards.
If you see a rear driver's side wagon door in the darker gray (Silverstone/Urban gray LD7W) let me know....
And where are these yards? I know of the 2 LKQ, the 2 Pull-N-Pay and the 1 down south on 85 by the train tracks but there must be 2 I'm missing ;)
Thanks. Found what I needed on CL for a good price. It's a SilverStone gray wagon in great shape. I might end up buying both doors, a rear hatch, a fender. All of a sudden those tiny dings are starting to bother me ;)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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