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Where is the fuel filter for my petrol engined Passat ?

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The Haynes manual for my B5 VW (a 1999 Passat 1.8T, petrol engine code APU, 90k miles on the odometer) tells me that the fuel filter should be changed every 20k miles.

I cannot locate the fuel filter - Haynes says that it is just forward of the gas tank and a diagram on the EKTA VW spare parts listings also indicates that the filter is somewhere forward of the gas petrol tank. So:


Do you guys really change your fuel filter every 20k miles ?


Where is it ? or is it only visible after removing some kind of cover (wheel arch maybe) or only after the car is jacked up high (I have only crawled on the ground with the car parked on a raised kerb stone, so far).

I could check on the subscription-based database but at EUR 5 minimum charge, I find that the time has expired before I have a chance to flush the WC.

Thank you
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i changed mine really late on, but i suppose 20k couldn't hurt. some people even go 50k on them. a change will be a good idea for long term maint. never hurts.

underneath the car, on the passenger side, you will see that huge metal apparatus that connects the two wheels of the rear together for the rear suspension. the rear beam axle, setup.
well, just in front of that (to the front of the car) there is a plastic shield that is held in place by 4 10mm hex nuts. pull that plastic piece off, and it will be on the passenger side tucked off away.

only use the VW filter. many aftermarket companies like to REALLY skimp out on the filter material as you can never see what's in there. i saw one filter that had a little TINY element in a huge cannister. obviously wasn't supposed to be like that, they were cutting corners. the bosche vw model is the best one to use. they're typically 10 or so bucks (USD) at the dealer. not expensive at all.
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Thank you guys, the information is invaluable.
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