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Where is my alloy spare? Would RA fit?

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I used to have a 2000 GLX and came with full size alloy spare.
I bought a 2001.5 GLX 4motion and didn't realize it had a steel spare.
Am I getting screwed?

Would a Road America wheel fit into the compartment?
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No. They stopped equipping the car with alloy spares in 2001.

:???: :sad:

Edit: When I upgraded my 15 inch factory steelies to 16 inch Borbets, I didn't have any problem getting a 16 inch spare into the well. I don't think I was able to bolt it down with the supplied hardware, but it wasn't going anywhere anyway. I don't know if it would accomodate anything larger than a 16. As long as the diameter doesn't change too radically, I suppose you could get anything in there.


One of the B5OM has and aftermarket spare in the well but that car is a FWD the spare tire well may be smaller on the 4 mo tell leave space for the gas tank. You would have to experiment. with a larger wheel but I think a 16inch wheel should fit once the one in there is not a doughnut AKA space saver.
I would think that a full size spare is a full size spare, regardless of wheel material.
So long as the outer diameter of the tire and the width aren't too different, it should fit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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