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Did you look in the spare tire well there is a sticker in there that is supposed to be removed during predelivery some dealers don't remove them. Mine is still in my car even the Bently manual suggests that the sticker in ther spare tire well is a good place to start looking.

How to identify if the sticker has on the radio code. I will be a bar code and (4) four digit numerical code.

If the sticker was removed then you will have to pull out the radio and get the chassis code off the radio and go to the dealership so that they can get the code for you.

depending on how new of a 99 your car is it may have one of the radios that does not ask for the code when you power the car.

My 99 was built 3/99 and when we disconnected the battery and reconnected it the radio came back on without asking for the code.

The bently manual also hint that some of the radios don't required the unlock code until you installed it in a completely different car. the did not clearly define from what year this begins so if your car is an early 99 you may in fact need your security code.
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