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where can i find a #20 torx bit????? please help!!!!!!

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i need a #20 torx bit and i cant find 1 anywhere
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AutoZone or your local auto parts store. THINK my boy, think.

Where would you buy tools at?
What's it for, taking off the door panel? I got a set of torx wrenches at Pep Boys
I have a pretty good set of Torx screwrivers that I picked up at Home depot. They don't have *many* mechanical tools, but they do have a few.

(can you believe they dont' sell rubber grommets????)
thanx guys
I got a set of seven Torx screwdrivers for under 10 bucks at Pep Boys.
Go to Radio Shack.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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