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Turn them into 3-piece wheels....

I picked up a set of "3-piece" ABT wheels last week.Two have pretty bad bends in the lip. The wheels are pretty rare (like ~10 sets in the states) so I researched them a lot before I bought them... Everyone and their mom told me they were 3-piece wheels. I found the three previous owners of this exact set of wheels and they all said they were three piece. So I went ahead and ordered replacement 3" high-polished step lips for the rear. That cost me over $500.

I decide to go ahead and start taking apart the wheels only to find they're not 3-piece, they're 2-piece. Which means I'm left with bent wheels, and expensive, non-returnable lips that don't fit...

Well, instead of sitting around crying about it (although that did sound really good at the time) I decided to be proactive. Talked to Billcosby about possible solutions. I ended up ordering 3-piece inner barrels (for another 400!!) for the wheels, taking the face off the 2-pieces, and using the lips I bought. I'm basically turning 2-piece wheels into 3-piece wheels. Crazy.

Well, that's my story. The end.

PS - Now I'm going to have probably the only set of staggered ABT A10's in the world haha.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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