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Wheel options for W8

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I need to put new shoes on the W8 and would like to upgrade the wheels while I'm at it.
Found a mint set of Audi A6 2009-2011 (10 spoke) 18x8 - (48mm offset - I think) - can someone confirm?
Will be wanting to put on P235/40 R18 tires.
Does anybody know if this combination will fit on my W8?
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down grade in dynamics .
Huh? Why is that?
I'm well aware of all the dynamics involved.
Just switching between brands of the same OEM spec tire can change in diameter by up to .400"
Tire wear alone over the life of an average tire is up to .600" on diameter.
The tire(s) I would like to use are .200" larger than the original factory tire.

The original W8 Madra wheel weighs 25lbs.
According to the spec sheets I've found the Audi wheel weighs approx 1 pound more.
Yes the tire(s) will weigh a couple pounds more then the originals.
Then if I'm so concerned about un-sprung mass I can always toss the original W8 calipers to the curb and throw on my set of 17z Porsche calipers.

The difference (in my case) between what is/was original and what I'm wanting to do is so negligible I won't even notice the change.

All this coupled with a set of PSS9 coil-overs I certainly won't be loosing anything on the performance side.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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