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wheel fitting question for 2003 Passat 1.8T

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Hi guys,
After some reading, basically any wheels with 5X112 bolt pattern and Et35-45 offset will fit on 2003 Passats 1.8T ?

I am looking for OEM wheels from VW/Audi Family. I noticed that the 5 spoke Audi A4 from 01-08 is ET45 and some mentioned this will fit fine. Would a 10mm spacer be needed? I am a little confused.

I would like to do without spacers, and a lot of OEM wheels are ET45. Would there be any concern at all with that? I am thinking maybe wider wheels will be better. I would like to stay within 16" or 17".

Also, would i need to buy new lugs if I use any wheels between ET35-45 ?

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if using OEM wheels from either VW or audi and using spacers you will need longer bolts (ball seat) I'm running some from an A6 now with 8mm. Just measure your stock bolts and add the same amount as the spacers are thick to get the new length. I highly suggest you put spacers on anything other than 35 et stock wheels for your car. It will look like crap without, imo. Here's a pic of my ET43 wheels on 8mm spacers. Perfect, imo. I got new lug bolts and spacers form ECS Tuning. Good prices on that stuff.
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