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Kenny Payne said:
Part of the problem is the fact that manufacturing technology has evolved such that those things that were once undeniably true have become old wives tales. There was a time when VW used a special factory-fill oil, which they required to remain in the car for a minimum of 5000 miles. Whatever the magic formula was, it was there to facilitate ring and valve seating, the assumption being that the "break-in" oil should actually promote friction up to a point. There have been actually studies done by actual members of Club B5 (on older cars) that have shown that changing factory-fill oil too early, particularly with Synthetic, resulted in poor ring seating.

However, manufacturing processes have come so far in the last 20 years that the above considerations, by all credible accounts, have been proven false. There is credible testimony that VW no longer uses a special factory-fill oil in their new cars.

So, I think you're probably okay to change it at 3000 miles.


Last I spoke to Bel about it, he's only really seen that problem on 2.0 engines... Calling Bel.... :bow:
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