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What weight Motor Oil for 2002 1.8T?

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Sorry for being lazy guys but I did a search and could not find. What weight motor oil should I use for the 1.8T?

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You don't even need to do a search - how about your manual.


All the above should meet VW specs and be fine. The only one that does not explicitly meet VW spec is 5W-30 although the manual says it's fine to use.
This a topic that loves a good discussion. Try a search on the site for lots of opinions from some good guys that know way too much about oil. Personally, I use the Redline 5w-30 synthetic, but others use Mobile1, Castrol, Pentosin, and Amsoil in the weights as recommended in the manual. The big thing for the 1.8T is protecting the turbo, and protecting on startup. Some say Dino oil (conventional oil) cokes up in the engine gradually restricting oil flow.

I guess the main thing is to not fall for the I'm not sure which "oil of the month" is in my car at Pronto Lube. I say (and this is just my opinion)..use a good synthetic oil, a good filter (OEM, mann, K&N, Napa) and change the oil regularly and you're ahead of the game. Then choose a weight based on where you drive and what kind of driving you do.

If you are still using Dino oil and have some miles on the car you might want to consider AutoRx (also on

Good luck in your search :)
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thanks for your help guys.

I live in a similar temp/seasonal area as you (in fact I bought my car from the former editor of the San Jose Merc News). Ditto Spooner on Auto-RX. A 5-40 or 0-40 synth is what you should run, especially since you have stop and go in the Bay Area. You want the heat protection. The exception would be Redline 5-30, which maintains a thicker film and doesn't shear to a lower weight as soon as others. My preference is Valvoline SynPower 5-40. My driving is almost all country driving, hills, mountains, etc, but it gets hot in the summer when I drive to Ukiah (105+) so I like the 40, especially sitting at a stoplight after exercising the turbo coming over the mountain :D
I've been using Pennzoil 5w-30 since I had the car and the engine runs great. BTW, I drive on the autobahn constantly at 100mph+ :lol: with no problems.
My private tech recommends 10W 30 . I told him that this is not the recommendation of the manual, but he insists that in Ohio climates that 10W 30 is good for the V6 Passat. I'd like to here other opinions. It is a 2002 and runs very well.
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