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What to do with plastic bumper strips on 2002 passat...

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Just wondering what I could's silver grey passat 2002 and my friends say that the grey plastic bumper strips looks ok.
But I wonder if it isn't better to have a coloured strips instead?

Do i need to paint them or is it possible to buy this strips already painted?
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I am guessing that you are talking about the lower body moldings, yes they can be painted :thumbup:
Either that or he is in europe and has the euro black strips! If that is the case I heard that there are european users in the forum that pay to have those painted!
Yea, that was the other option :lol:
Either way, the both can be painted :thumbup:
the dub boys this side of the country are actually paying for the "euro" black strips, fyi :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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