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What starting issue could this be caused by? Youtube vid included.

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My car is being sluggish to start but always starting. It been happening for about a month now. Am I just tempting faith and need to replace the starter? It sounds like it gasps for air or something. Have a watch on youtube and please throw me suggestions on what it could be, thanks!
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^ This. It sounds like your battery is on its last legs. How old is your current battery? If it is relatively new, make sure you don't have anything draining it out, such as faulty radio wiring, a door light left on, etc.
Should I check the battery with a multi-meter to see if its staying charged? It is a newer Bosch battery that I bought last summer. I just want to start ruling out options. Thanks guys :)
Check the battery to make sure it isn't defective. I don't reccomend Bosch batteries at all. I currrently have one on the 5.5, and I had to replace three of them in the first two days of owning them. Also make sure your posts are clean. Buy a post cleaner, and scrub the terminals to ensure that you are getting a good clean surface to mate to. If that doesn't solve the problem, then it definetly sounds like you are headed towards needing a new starter. Hopefully you don't need to do that though.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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