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I would like some advice on fitting wheel spacers to my B5.5 wagon. - this is for aesthetic reasons
Currently it has standard 7Jx15 wheels ET37 with 205 x 60 x15 Tyres
I already have a set of 7J x 16 wheels ET42 with 205 x 55 x 16 Tyres (from a 2001 Audi A4 avant)

The Wagon is not lowered, being on standard suspension - where I live I need reasonable ground clearance.
What is the maximum size spacers in your experience that can I safely fit avoiding the tyres fouling the wheel arches but giving a noticeably wider stance?

What I understand from previous threads is that on standard wheels with an ET37 there is a suggestion that you can go to:
Front 15mm - Offset would then be 37 - 15 = 22mm
Rear 20mm - Offset would then be 37 - 20 =17mm

Based on this I am assuming with the Audi wheels having an offset of ET42 I could go to:
Front 20mm - Offset would then be 42 - 15 = 22mm?
Rear 25mm - Offset would then be 42 - 25 =17mm?

I would appreciate any advice based on peoples experience - for instance I have also read that smaller 10mm spacers for the front standard wheels is the right size to go for which would suggest the front spacers using the Audi Wheels should be reduced to 15mm?

Thanks in advance

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Put the wheels on. Drop a weighted string from the top center of the wheel arch and let it stabilize. Then, measure the distance from the string to the sidewall of the tire. That will give you a good idea on how much spacer you want to have.

For reference, this is mine on et51 VW Salamanca wheels 17x7.5 225/45/17
8mm up front and 15mm rear. I could add more, but looks fine to me. Keeps dirty water spray from the road off the sides of the car, too.

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Thank you for the advice - that gives me scope for perhaps 5mm more using the Audi Wheels on the rear with a ET42. Not sure I would bother for just 5mm on the front wheels using the Audi ET42 wheels.
One issue to watch for is that you should use hub-centric spacers to stop any possible vibrations when driving.
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