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What potential repairs should I plan for at 143,000 miles and beyond??

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So now that I've overcome my dilemma on whether I should keep my 2001.5 Passat 5-speed with 143,000k or sell it, (I'm keeping it!), what potential repairs should I keep in mind or be ready for at that kind of mileage? I plan on driving this car into the ground so I will be tackling each issue as it comes but wanted to know what sorts of things I should look for. Thanks,

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Basically everything :)

Seriously, though, what you will need to repair depends on what you have repaired already and when you did it.

Timing belt / water pump / thermostat - every 75K miles

How's your clutch? That's going to go someday, if it hasn't yet
Suspension - control arms, shocks are all possible failure points

PCV system for certain, if you haven't cleaned / replaced clogged parts on a regular schedule, probably your valve cover gasket as well

Engine mounts - they fail every 60k or so, make sure you replace them or you might be looking at a flex pipe replacement.

Very expensive things: Catalytic converters (parts cost), heater core (labor cost). Let's hope these don't go bad. Not much you can do about the cat, but make sure you flush and change your coolant regularly and use only VW approved coolant.
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I'm sure it's almost ready for another TB job - assuming it's a 1.8.
As has been stated, it's all in what you have already done. I've done the timing belt job, shocks, and oil changes since 143K; it's only now time for new brake pads and engine mounts.
Also start looking at making your car watertight. Check the drains in the upper part of the engine bay, check the interior HVAC seal for moisture, cut your sunroof drain nipples (hehe) if you havent already (dont forget to take apart your trunk liner to get to the rear ones, trust me...), clean the door drains, and buy some rubber conditioner for all window and door gaskets/weather seals! Currently in the process of all the above for my 98 with over 200k! yay
Here are my repairs since new.
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