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What is the widest i can go in the rear with H&R Sports???

I was looking at the HP Evos and i would like a nice sized lip in the back, so my question is:
Without rolling the fenders, with H&R Sports what is the widest i can go without rubbing, 9 or 9.5???
I am probably going to run 235's in the front, but for the 9 and 9.5 what size should i use 245's???

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rollininstyle2004 said:
I want 18's, can i run 18 x 8 in the front with like 225's then 18 x 9 in the back with 245's or should i got 235's in the back???
I am not a wheel expert but I would say you could run 225 or 235 up front and 245 in rear without a problem whatsoever. Depends on offset
There is a member here running this setup:
19x8.5 Axis Milano’s up front
19x9.5 Axis Milano’s in the rear
245/35 19 Falken
275/30 19 Falken
H&R Sport Springs
Bilstein Sport dampers

Contact this guy here for something similar to what you want:
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