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What is the part number for ISOFIX LATCH for a B5

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I am the owner of a B5 2001 European right wheel drive.
I have bought a car seat with an ISOFIX base but looking at the car it does not come with LATCH
But has the wholes ready for this.

The posts on this side helped to understand a number of facts but I need to be 100 sure that I am getting the correct part.

I have asked the dealer for a part number but the have said that there is no part registered for this car model year (what? And why do you have the holes then ready?)

Can some one please help me find the correct part and recommend sides that I could buy those from?
I need only the left LATCH BAR.

Thank you for the help
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Be happy that I inquired with VW about this when I bought my B5.5, so I have the new part numbers (be warned, they're expensive!)

Original kit ZVW 269 001 (for 1999-2002 B5 sedan and wagon FWD) is discontinued.
The kit is no longer available - but, it (as of December 2015, anyways) is available as individual parts.
Anchor bracket: 8D0-813-545 (1/side), and bolt WHT-001-230 (2/side.) As of Dec. 2015, the anchor brackets were $175 USD each(!!!!!)

Suggest trying to find a used set. ;)

Weight limit for the lower anchors is 40 pounds (combined weight of seat & child.)
Thank you cuppie :bowdown: that helps tremendously!!! Now I can find a used ones from Europe. Hopefully the part is the same for B5 and B5.5 and I assume that anchor bracket does not have a car side I.e left or right ( is a single part number for either side).

It is for rear facing seat that I will use it for, thus will not exceed the 40 pounds.
If you wish to give yours away for a price let me know Thanks one more time for the advice. Thanks one more time
B5 and early B5.5 are the same, yes. If I recall correctly, later B5.5 cars (from 2003 MY) were welded into the body, rather than bolted in.
And, FYI: 4Motion anchor brackets are different, and will not fit a FWD car.

Not looking to get rid of my brackets just yet. While my boy is just about too heavy for the Passat's anchors (I do need to start belting, rather than clicking, that seat in soon), we aren't sure if another kid will happen yet.

Plus, shipping from the U.S. to Cyprus wouldn't be the cheapest.... ;)

Good luck with your search, sir! :)
Thank you cuppie for the help. You are definitely right about the welding on newer models' my dad has a Passat 2012 and ISOFIX is welded into the body and is not a bar style as well as my wife she owns a VW golf 4 2001 and the LATCHES are also welded.
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