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What is left to break?; How many things can break in one car? (a venting session)

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In the 5 years I've had with atia (B5 v6 5spd) I feel like if it is possible for it to break, it has, twice. I'm wondering if there are other common failures someone has had that this car hasn't. I feel like I should get a prize for having a passat that ALL common failures were shown. This list doesn’t include wear items like clutch/brakes. It's a 5-speed v6 so no limp mode and turbo issues. Also I haven't seen barney blood yet, but they were preemptively replaced.

What has broke in the last 5 years and 76k miles:

Rear view mirror went black
Rear window glass pin disintegrated
Rear defrost
Driver's side door:
window track destruction
door open handle broke
plastic cover that you remove to get the door skin off (2x)
window switch assembly (3x)
mirror switch
mirrors fold in but not out
speaker rattle
key broke off in trunk lock

Fuse #5 (HVAC, steering controls, heated seats)
heater core
dome lights come on and off as they wish
seat wobbles
seat adjustment only when car is on
screen in cluster cuts off corners (but still works)
trunk opening (electrical), and the key lock (mechanical)
glove box light (disintegrated while shorting out)
glove box door (2x)
visor lights
heated mirror wont heat

every ball joint in the house at least twice!
3 days of fun with each pinch bolt, (now annually removed and re-greased)
calipers fused on (had to cut one out)
brake lines
CV shafts (4x)
abs module (3x)

Vac lines
coil unit (2x)
spark plug wires (3x)
water pump
plastic that shows where TDC is
SAI fan plumbing
all PCV hoses
o2 sensor connections
Seven and counting flex pipes welded in
oil pan (2x)
bad coolant leak from back of engine (still can't find, ~1/2 quart a day of water added)
valve cover gaskets (2x but one was preventative)
most camshaft seals (2x)

2 keyfobs
fell off and ran over corner marker light and belly pan at speed
car was impounded and they went muddin in it, still finding mud in new places
hood latch

I guess what im wondering is, anyone feel my pain or had a similar experience? I still do love her, but it's hard when 3/5 of the years I am greeted by beeping and/or STOP displayed every time I turn the key, and randomly while driving.

Either-way I feel better now.

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(The pull cord is to open the door)
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The leak started about 2 months ago, and it's getting close to next in line to be fixed. I was adding G12 to it for the first month, but the leak is much worse now and it's just distilled water in there until fixed. Since the leak started I fixed the door latch, alternator (royal pain), and cv shaft. Next up is fuse #5 (need defrost) then I can tackle the coolant leak is up next.
The oil pans were both self-induced yes. The last one it took a while before I could find one (cheap) and was pouring in a quart of mobil1 every few days. The joke was when someone asked me when the last time I changed my oil? Dude, I'm changing my oil RIGHT NOW.

Also, I'm in akron/cleveland area, the roads are bad around here, and in the winter all the roads are white with salt. A friend of mine ended up totaling out his car after hitting one (nowhere to swerve, truck tailgating him, $3k in damage)

I'll check the coolant flange tonight, I had assumed it was the heater core again as fuse #5 (including hvac) shorted at the same time but the carpet isn't wet. The drip is from where the AC would usually drip condensation.
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Current mileage is 176k, I got it with ~100k on it from a crook. There is evidence it had been in an unreported front end accident. I didn't care when I found out, because the love had started.

Most parts I get are used. The abs controllers have all failed in the same way. Driving along and suddenly STOP displayed on screen and no longer able to communicate to it with a vagcom after a week of seeing stop flash for a second then go away. I read it's a common failure in other cars that use the Bosch 5.3 or 5.7, and there are companies that will repair the small feeder wires inside it's gel filled interior that break (tried it once myself and failed). The ones I get are from pull-a-part or similar self-serve junkyards. There all the same age, it's just a matter of how many hours they have been in a car operating vs how many hours the have sat unplugged in a junkyard. I'm confident if I had spent $1k on a new replacement it wouldn't have broken again in the life of the car, but that's not possible for me these days.

The flex joints are ridiculous. I have nothing left to weld to. I have been at a self-serve junkyard the day a passat comes in and someone has already been there and cut off the factory flex pipes. The clear answer is rip out and fab an entire new exhaust that is mounted better, but it's a money issue so I just keep patching.

Until last year the thought of something like that door handle would send a chill down my spine. I would laugh off the thought and get back to my bi-weekly claybar and wax. Please believe until it's recent sunset this car got everything it ever wanted, and gave me all I ever asked of it.

I was really hoping someone would say something like Yes! No bolt left unturned, Bank be damned, she'll never die! It's looking like i'm alone.
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Note that the OP's profile says his car is a 2001.5.
In the profile I list as a 2001.4 as kind of a joke. It was mfg'd in April 2001, It is pre-facelift but came with the a-pillar airbags and clear side markers.
Thank you ylwagon, I have done the timing belt with all the fixins twice, I wasn't able to reliably determine if the previous owner had when I bought it so it was first, and then at ~160k started hearing bearing noises from the waterpump area, couldn't enjoy driving it anymore with that knowledge. On removal it couldn't have had more than a few hundred miles left in it as it was difficult to turn by hand. I do everything myself, most times I wouldn't have the cash anyway, but I feel I do much better work. It is me after all that it is tasked not to kill. If a hunk-o-metal part looks bad i'll grind it down and paint it. If there is gasket material left on a surface I'll spend a romantic evening with my dremel, atia (the car), and beer.
And yes ladies.... I'm single :)
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