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What is left to break?; How many things can break in one car? (a venting session)

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In the 5 years I've had with atia (B5 v6 5spd) I feel like if it is possible for it to break, it has, twice. I'm wondering if there are other common failures someone has had that this car hasn't. I feel like I should get a prize for having a passat that ALL common failures were shown. This list doesn’t include wear items like clutch/brakes. It's a 5-speed v6 so no limp mode and turbo issues. Also I haven't seen barney blood yet, but they were preemptively replaced.

What has broke in the last 5 years and 76k miles:

Rear view mirror went black
Rear window glass pin disintegrated
Rear defrost
Driver's side door:
window track destruction
door open handle broke
plastic cover that you remove to get the door skin off (2x)
window switch assembly (3x)
mirror switch
mirrors fold in but not out
speaker rattle
key broke off in trunk lock

Fuse #5 (HVAC, steering controls, heated seats)
heater core
dome lights come on and off as they wish
seat wobbles
seat adjustment only when car is on
screen in cluster cuts off corners (but still works)
trunk opening (electrical), and the key lock (mechanical)
glove box light (disintegrated while shorting out)
glove box door (2x)
visor lights
heated mirror wont heat

every ball joint in the house at least twice!
3 days of fun with each pinch bolt, (now annually removed and re-greased)
calipers fused on (had to cut one out)
brake lines
CV shafts (4x)
abs module (3x)

Vac lines
coil unit (2x)
spark plug wires (3x)
water pump
plastic that shows where TDC is
SAI fan plumbing
all PCV hoses
o2 sensor connections
Seven and counting flex pipes welded in
oil pan (2x)
bad coolant leak from back of engine (still can't find, ~1/2 quart a day of water added)
valve cover gaskets (2x but one was preventative)
most camshaft seals (2x)

2 keyfobs
fell off and ran over corner marker light and belly pan at speed
car was impounded and they went muddin in it, still finding mud in new places
hood latch

I guess what im wondering is, anyone feel my pain or had a similar experience? I still do love her, but it's hard when 3/5 of the years I am greeted by beeping and/or STOP displayed every time I turn the key, and randomly while driving.

Either-way I feel better now.

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(The pull cord is to open the door)
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LoL :lol: my experience has been that if you start saying these things they label you as "Trouble Maker". :crazy:
bad coolant leak from back of engine (still can't find, ~1/2 quart a day of water added)
Most probably your coolant flange is dying (or is already dead). Adding water is not gonna help ya. Just get it fixed ASAP. With the winter on the corner water will freeze out and you'll be sorry. The car needs G13 coolant not just water.
or the OP is incredibly careless with his car
ُThe part that says "The pull cord is to open the door" in the posted picture is indeed worrisome. If th ecar is in that condition I'm not surprised about anything.
I also saw write up on fixing those things, and figured that for $100 or whatever the module company charges, it was cheaper than me attempting to learn how to solder an aluminum wire coated with gel.
I sent mine to CheapABS and Steve repaired mine for $100. Three years on and it's working fine (knocking on wood).
And yes ladies.... I'm single :)
Forget it! :crazy: The way you do maintenance on the car you're not gonna keep any lady around. :poke:
is that area noted for pot holes 2 feet deep?
Just wonder how could we spend more a 1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) bucks on bombing Iraq but the feds don't have enough money to fill the potholes. :crazy: I'm just too too old for this shit :puke:
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When my rotors got some age on them and after more than a few panic stops, I noticed quite a bit of vibration in the front end. The weird part was the vibration seemed to be there regardless of whether you were on the brake or not. Anyway, fresh set of rotors and pads and I was vibration free.
Usually when rotors gets old they also get thinner. This makes them less resistance to the brake heat. So when braking at high speed the amount of generated heat bends or deforms the thin rotor a bit. That causes the imbalance in front end and you get the vibration.
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