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This year? hmmm...

APR 91 oct Chip
Forge 007 DV
Silicone Vac Lines
NewSouth Performance Indigo Boost Gauge
NewSouth Performance Mk4 Column Pod

Oh yea...I almost forgot :)


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Ive had my 2000 V6 passat for 5 months. Thus far I have:
-Replaced the TB at 99k
-Replaced the shredded snub mount with a poly PMS one.
-Replaced the tranny mounts with AT trans mounts
-Will soon be replacing the motor mounts.

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Last year...

18" Fittipaldi Wheels
235/40/18 Cooper Tires
SunPro Boost Gauge
Cold Air Intake

This year...

APR 93 oct. Software
H&R sport lowering springs
Forge Diverter Valve
Headlight replacement (H7 hyper white headlights, Fog Lights, city lights (194 from 42DD))
Hyper white Interior Lights
NSP boost guage

Next week I have an H&R turbo timer goin in, as well as 3" test pipe, and silicone turbo inlet hoses

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Other than normal maintenance, oil change, etc.

Smoked Halo Projector Headlights
Smoked Tail lights
Smoked Bumper Lenses
Smoked Sidemarkers
Fully Adjustable Coilovers
Black Badgeless Grill
19' Wheels
Passat Door Sills
Debadged then added Porsche Turbo Badge
Stubby Antenna

And I just ordered my 19x8.5 Onyx Black RS4 Replicas...:thumbup:

With cosmetics out of the way I am going to start engine work soon. :D

v_dubin - Candy White B5.5

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What have you done to your Passat this past year? Here's my list (all DIY).
well- almost traded her in for a 2002 Audi avant--but decided against it afterwards.
- fixed ABS module ($230.00)
- New tires (yoko yk520)
-WEt Okole front seat covers (two tone)

soon: tranny fluid service, new timing belt (3rd), and major tune up...

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I physically and mentally abused my car and tore its heart out and left it in pieces in my garage..... LITERALLY........:whistle:

As far as money spent so far.... please dont ask... ill start to cry...:cry: :cry:

Another Rollininstyle2004 teaser
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I physically and mentally abused my car and tore its heart out and left it in pieces in my garage..... LITERALLY........:whistle:

As far as money spent so far.... please dont ask... ill start to cry...:cry: :cry:
Fred, is there an expected date as to when your car will be finished? CES 2015? :lol:

Side note...i think my 1500-xxk is messed up :(

Mods of the past lot...more then i want to think about. :cry:

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Rebuilt the top half of the engine after the idler pulley siezed and shredded the timing belt on the highway.

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As of January 1st 2007
- 1983 miles. 65446 total
- Shark fin antena
- OEM MFD Navi version G
- Custom sub encloser
- Oil change
- K&N
- Plugs & Coilpacks
- APR snub mount
- TB, WP, Tensioner, etc
- ECS crank pully (w/ very little vibration. Normal?)
- Evolution skid plate
- Repainted front bumper (No more licence plate holes)
- New tires
- Alignment tomorrow morning

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04 GLX sedan purchased 3/06 with 7,700 miles for US$20k
currently 21,700 miles

oem surf racks
koni sport kit springs and dampers
kumho ecsta summer tires
neuspeed rear sway bar

under warranty, reflashed tiptronic, replaced rear speakers, drivers window switch, headliner (sunroof leak), center console (dealer damaged it while replacing headliner), trunk hinge lubrication

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Other than routine oil changes:

-added a stubby antenna
-hooked up XM via Blitzsafe to the changer controls.

I'm on a very limited toy budget, kiddo's come first ;)

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Only maintenance & repair type things this year (all DIY), no mods:

Timing belt & accessory belt, water pump, power steering pump, upper control arms, tie rod ends, crankcase breather hose (brittle plastic piece of crap), ABS computer and new tires.

Car is a 00' V6 4Motion, has about 89,000 miles and Iv'e owned it since new. This about sums up my Passat experience -> :thumbup: :) :rolleyes: :cry::banghead:

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looking to become an owner

I know I'll be getting a passat wagon within the next few months and I am just trying to decide on what i should be hunting for 1.8t or 2.8 vr6; 5spd or tip? any input on maintenance as this will likely be the determining factor.


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vwpoorboy, go for a 1.8T 4-mo. And it's a V6, not a VR6.

On topic:

> H&R OE Sport Springs (1" drop)
> AT Italia Alps 18*8 Wheels
> Euroswitch
> 5300k HID Headlights
> FUNK button
> Debadged
> Shorty Antenna
> Kamei Upper Eyelids
> M3 Style Lip Spoiler
> White interior LED lighting
> CCFL Cathode trunk lighting
> Chrome Sunroof Accent
> Fusion component front speakers @ 4 Ohms
> Fusion component rear speakers @ 2 Ohms
> Trunk-Mounted 12" Fusion Subwoofer
> Rear-ended back bumper, courtesy of Sipes.

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Just bought my W8 5 weeks ago as a CPO and have only driven about 1200 miles, so I haven't had to do much.
So far:
Enabled/locked Tiptronic sport mode with VAG-COM
Chrome mirror housings
Clear front marker lights

Need/plan to do (by the end of the year):
IceLink Plus (sitting in the garage, trying to find trunk CD changer cable to install)
K&N panel filter (sitting in the garage, waiting to install this fall)
Change spark plugs (plan to install NGK Iridium at next service)
Drain and fill ATF (don't think it's ever been done, will have indy shop do at next service)
Shark Fin antenna

I know, not much in the way of mods, but I'm taking it slow. I'm really enjoying the car for now. :)

for your entertainment...
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So far this year on my 2000 V6 wagon:

Steering Rack
ABS module
Swapped OEM wheel for three-spoke GTI wheel and air bag
K & N drop-in filter
Koni Yellow Shocks and Eibach Springs
FK badgeless grill
Euro V6 emblem on hatch
FK smoked Angel Eye projectors
Black fender markers with clear lens'
OEM carpet mats
OEM Monster mats
B7 RS4 Rep rims
225/45/17 Falken 512s
OEM VW valve caps
Sony bluetooth CD/MP3 player
OEM trunk cargo net
Sharan antenna
New tail lights (to be smoked)
Skid plate coming before winter

Was thinking about pedals and catskinz on the inside. I'll wait a bit to decide.

pancake consumption specialist
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short antenna
hoen xenonmatch bulbs and powerbulbs bluevision hibeams
new fender markers
cleaned up some nicks and scratches
oem cd changer
evened out the gap between the bottom of my hood and the top of my headlights
cleaned thottle body
boost gauge
v&s/ipp short shifter
pioneer avic d3 navi headunit and ipod cable
K&N air filter
shift knob from andrei(slayerrule)

soon to be done-
more paintwork
pcv system
painting the background of the vw symbol, lp holder, engine covers and eyelids reflex silver
auto rx
valve cover gasket
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