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What did you pay for your exhaust installation?

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Brown just dropped of the TT/borla and downpipe, i may do it myself but im just trying to get a idea of how much is average for this job!
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No more then $60.
I had mine (TT SS Exhaust and DP) installed at the dealership for $68. Of course, that was over 2 years ago
i'm getting $150-200 dollars is this crazy or what!
I paid $200 for mine cuase I also got my resisnator removed and had a custom pipe made!

It could have been more I'm sure, but my good friend did it, so he hooked me up!

:bow: :bow: :bow: I love the sound now, it still brings a smile to my face when i rip through the gears!

Rich :wink:

PS It also sounds amazing through a tunnel or under a bridge! :lol:
steve...did u ask bel for a quote yet?
nope, i will most likely do it myself. Whats he charging these days?
80 bucks for DP, resonator, muffler...
40 for the CAT.
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