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What did you do to your Passat today?

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I've seen this on many forums and it's always been a winner. Post up what you did to your car today. Add a picture or two that show what your did.

With that, I give you my addition, I polished my headlights.

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Not today, but nine days ago I finished replacing the solenoid-controlled vacuum switch for the secondary air injection system. Without vacuum from this switch, the combi valve never opens. I took it for a 10-mile Home Depot and grocery run early last Saturday morning, choosing my route to include a couple of 2-mile 45-50 mph stretches, confirmed that I had indeed finally set my emission test readiness monitors, called up my usual go-to local smog test company, and passed smog that day. Don't believe people who claim that you should just keep driving until all of your readiness monitors set -- mine never would have.
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