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What did you do to your Passat today?

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I've seen this on many forums and it's always been a winner. Post up what you did to your car today. Add a picture or two that show what your did.

With that, I give you my addition, I polished my headlights.

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Grille
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Nice job on the taillights. Could The paper have come from a nesting rodent?

I replaced the disintegrating center vent on my '02. A very tight fit, and easy to break the slats, so be patient. I also put new bulbs in while at it so I wouldn't have to repeat the job. The trick to them is they are held in on the inner side, so you need to slide a small screwdriver in there while pushing the bulb up from the other side. Dealer didn't have the bulbs in stock - ordered them for $9 a pop. Highway robbery, but on the plus side healthier than smoking.
Went from this ...

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Volkswagen

to this:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Volkswagen

used the 3M kit. On the right I actually painted with Krylon clear for plastic, but it was cloudy and rough so I had to sand and buff out again. We'll see if enough was left on to make a difference.
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Any pics? $3800 sounds like a dent in this day and age of highway robbery body work.
Whoever did the brakes last forgot to grease the caliper bolts. What a fkn waste of brembo rotors and PBR ultimates. Someone is going to be getting a talking to...
This is the problem when DIYing. The "talkin' to" and "talked to" are the same people.
Picked up a 2013 CC 6-speed with 22K miles. That's what I get for stopping by the dealer late on June 30th.
Still have the B5.
They are city lights. My aftermarket headlights came with them.
That's a German feature called "Standlicht". If the main bulb burns out, that will still light to show the outline of the car to oncoming traffic. One of the big pains to do when importing your US-spec car to Germany.
On the way to work, felt some vibration and pulled over- smoke coming out of front left wheel, very hot. Caliper locked up. Shop ordered new pads, calipers and hoses for front end and installed. I got on the road the next day and the left front wheel locked up again...back to shop. I go in to pick it up they say all 4 are locking up now. We saw no error codes on the computer, but have been told there is a separate port somewhere to read the ABS status. What a week...I have not had a single issue accept replacing the Master cylinder last year. Its an 03 4motion 30 valve 6. Great shape. I'm at about 110 and frustrated . A tad off topic, but that's what I did with my Passat the last few days - any guidance on this issue appreciated. I'm already almost $700.00 into this project.
I had this happen on a (piece of s___) Mk5 Jetta once. No one could figure it out, but the brakes did release after everything cooled down, which led me to believe water or air in the fluid. After I replaced the MC (remembering the o-ring between it and the booster), and rebled everything, the problem never recurred.
VW, turning owners into mechanics for over 50 years!
Soon to be 70 years. Wayne Carini on Chasing Classic Cars got his hands on a '46 Bug. It was one of the first to come over with a GI after the VW plant restarted after the war. Fortunately he had a mechanic slightly older than the car to work on it.
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Here's a shot from (I think) this summer. Still looks good at 14 years old/225,000 miles.

It does look great, but more importantly, how has the belly pan fared? ;)
Swapped in a set of DTMOTO headlights that I picked up for cheap on fleabay. Am generally satisifed - yet to go out at night with them.

The only thing is the blinker speed is now very fast. I changed to the old bulb, but no difference. :confused:
Check your directional lights. From my experience on vw's, a fast blinker is a sign of a burnt out directional.
Thanks. What I've learned since is that the replacement headlights likely have the blinker terminal "pads" in the wrong position, causing only one of the two bulb filaments to blink. Unfortunately I'll get to pull the headlights again to fix.
Dealer put in 5 quarts of ATF fluid, I added a quart of oil, topped off my washer fluid, the dealer washed it, put on my spare tire for safety reasons until I get my new tires.

My alignment is pretty bad it seems. Should I let firestone do it or should I take it to the dealer to get that done?
If they have a reasonable tech, Firestone can do it.
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Here's a possible approach, "Thanks, Steppops, for the generous offer. But I had my heart set on <insert tire name here>. I know they're a bit more expensive, so I got a job and here's the money for the difference. Can we go get them today?"
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Backed the Passat out of the driveway to give me room to replace the snapped window regulator on the 2011 Grand Caravan.
Looks nice, but people will really want to know how rusted the pinch bolts are on a NY car ;)
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Got my butt kicked by the CV joint boot replacement. A perfect storm was concocted with broken clamps (cheap Meyle parts), daughter's emergency PC repairs, a thumb punctured by the snap ring, and finally .... realizing they (FCP) sent me a the wrong size boot!!
So, there she sits on a jack stand, axle in the vise. Have to wait on a new part, because I will not put a Dorman on only to redo it sooner than needed.
Scanned for codes just do feel like I did something while waiting for the CV joints to arrive.

Pleasantly surprised to find not a single one.

Sent from the 7th Galaxy.
Get your tools in order: 12 mm triple square, 6mm Allen socket, axle socket and breaker bar, snap ring pliers, crimper for the boot clamp, full box of gloves
Just sharing a shot of a nice B5 TDI wagon I saw in Austria yesterday (yes, there should be more snow here):

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Parking Family car
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He an extremely poor carwash tonight. I'm calling the company and complaining tomorrow. Taking the beast up to Hoboken again tomorrow. I'm checking the oil level and coolant level. I filled the fires to 35psi tonight to make sure they were good. I probably should have checked the spare as well. Oh well lol
Is Forked River - Hoboken a particularly perilous 80 miles?
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