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What did you do to your Passat today?

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I've seen this on many forums and it's always been a winner. Post up what you did to your car today. Add a picture or two that show what your did.

With that, I give you my addition, I polished my headlights.

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Removed the small rock between the dust shield and my brake rotor.
After 2 heater core replacements (don't ask...) and a tiptronic swap, this was really satisfying! :D
Re-installed my cluster after getting it back with a fixed LCD!
Can you tell me who fixed your cluster? I need to do this but I'm having a hard time sourcing the part.
Replaced both front fenders and did all the brakes. When I had the fenders off and saw the rotors, it was STOP time. They were so bad I'm embarassed to post pictures. Maybe later....
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All new control arms. The old ones didn't look too bad but one tire was wearing badly. I think they were original (162k miles) since the little clips were still on the shock supports holding them to the body. Next first timing belt. TB is fine but the previous owner didn't replace the WP and now it is leaking :banghead:
Replaced the brake booster hard plastic hose with one sourced at a salvage yard. I broke the old one and just got some generic hoses at the FLAPS but now I have the original hard plastic. I got the hard plastic hose, about 5 of the special OEM rubber hoses/elbows, a check valve, and I think the air jet pump for $6. They didn't know how to classify it so called it a 'hose'. Probably > $200 at the dealer for those parts.

In the process I saw that one of the bolts on the motor mount bracket was just about ready to fall out. Torqued that back down.

And last and best of all... found the source of my latest intermittant coolant leak. It's the hose from the coolant overflow tank down to the the coupling where the big hose joins the radiator. It was soft and leaking at the coolant tank. I don't know if I can replace just that hose or if I need to get the whole assembly but I'm glad to find this. It was a weird one in that it doesn't leak in normal operation but if the car sits for a few days and the temperature cycles, it will lose a tbsp or so.
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Found a nice 2002 1.8T wagon with 59k miles on it.:D timing belt kit, new coolant, new accessory belts, oil change. Still need to flush the PS fluid, trans fluid, brake fluid. Plus air filter and what ever else I can think of. This car really rides like new but I miss having a MFSW. I rounded up the parts at my local pick-n-pull but haven't bothered with the swap yet. I think I'm also going to put my junkyard-find chrome W8 rails on top when I get a chance. It's a little odd having a car that doesn't need any work so I guess I'll have to keep my self contented with upgrades.
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Got a CEL on my 60k Passat I just bought. Turned out to be the rear O2 sensor. Found one that claimed to be a genuine Bosch replacement (and looks it) on ebay for $37 shipped and put it in. Turns out the old sensor was probably fine but the wires were shredded by what I assume was the CV joint below it. During the repair, I found the airbox clips were installed upside-down which marred the plastic mounting tabs. And the MAF plug has been spliced/replaced. Someone must have had a hard time changing the air filter or something once upon a time. In any case, don't neglect those little zip-ties, clips or whatever or you could end up with this.

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added lamin-x to my head and tail lights
Looks nice. Are the lamin-x coatings tinted?
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Installed a new (used) turbo and replaced the shattered motor mount I found on that side. Hopefully got the mount oriented correctly but I'm not sure since the original came out in pieces. Getting to the bottom turbo bolt was a bear since I had the car on stands and couldn't get at it from underneath. Put in a new water pump since it had previously over-heated but the original one (25k miles) looked great. All of this was much easier since the head is still off ;)
Started it.

This is after replacing the head, turbo, radiator, swapping the cams and CCT from old head to new, lots of vacuum lines, some other stuff I'm forgetting....It sounded pretty scary at first but I let it idle for a bit then backed it out of the garage. On the second start, it was much quieter, not sure what is happening there. I have a power-steering oil leak I need to deal with but then it's off for a road test. Oh, I guess I need to top off the trans fluid also since I lost a bit when removing the radiator.
Hit 65k miles on the wagon and did an oil change. Next up is to update the PCV to the 034 kit and service the trans fluid.
Replaced the bulb under the fan switch. My little piece of tubing didn't work out as well as I remember; it must be getting old. It went on easily but then slid off when I tried to pull the bulb out. So I pulled the bulb out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Then when I tried to put the new bulb in, it didn't release and pulled the bulb back out. I had a heck of time getting it off the bulb at that point but finally got it off. I ended up using it to just barely seat the bulb and then pushed the bulb in the rest of the way by hand.
65k? What year is the car?

Does it have an automatic or a manual transmission?
2002 auto. I've been looking for a manual but every one that isn't a basket case is gone in less than 24 hours. I guess I'm not the only one looking.
I've thought about doing a swap but I really don't want another project at the moment. Maybe I'll reconsider later this fall. Lots of Passat's in the area so finding a trans probably wouldn't be hard. Finding one in a 1.8t wagon that wasn't neglected is a bit harder.
Small re-write of the instrument cluster software today. :)
What a great website! Thanks for the link. Did you use VagTacho? I was thinking of renting it to pull the SKC's on my Passat's and may have to play with this stuff at the same time.
Hit 70k on the 2002 wagon so I did an oil and filter change, plus an AT fluid and filter change. Also noticed that the passenger side motor mount is leaking so I ordered a new one. That was actually sort of a relief since I had noticed some vibrations that seemed mount related and thought I'd just change all motor and trans mounts. Since I now know the source of the problem I splurged and bought a genuine VW mount.
Replaced the passenger motor mount, as it was leaking purple goo all over my belly pan. I did it with the 'remove all mounts but leave sub-frame intact' method. The driver side was easy (I took it out to inspect it, it looks OK) but to get the passenger side out I had to really get the engine up against the firewall and had to loose the clamps on the AC lines and one wire to the start solenoid (or something...). I don't know which way I would do it if I had to do it again. Neither side of my alignment holes was 'aligned' and at least now I don't have to get an alignment.
Replaced the black upright exterior door trim on the back door. That was easy!
Swapped my ECM to a used unit I got at the boneyard for $15. It took some fiddling but I was able to get the SKC from the new (used) ECM using my new Xtool VAG401. Of course, now that it is swapped I realize that the fact that I have only 10.5V on the rear O2 sensor heater circuit isn't the fault of the ECM since it just supplies ground. So next up, a new fuel pump relay. The good news is that I now have a spare ECM with a known SKC.
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