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I'm tired of :driving: stock. The longitudinal 1.8t is peppy around town.. but on long road trips (especially) to the mountains is boring.

To remedy the in/out town driving experience. I'll be bolt-on the master warrior!! To do/buy list:

-Boost guage (for kicks)
-3' downpipe (breathe & growl)
-Strut bearings (clunky clunk on driver side)
-K04-15 (2+ hp & tq) yes, really...only 2!
-Samco TIP (protection)
-TT DV (does the job very well)
-Revo 2 (cause Revo 1 isn't enough wheel spin!)
-4 bar FPR (feed the beotch)
-Blisteins (on all 4 corners)
-K&N drop-in filter (casue the beotch like it!)
-Pullies (yes, dress the beotch up front)

No brand names as I will be doing some shopping & would like to suprise my beotch:D:thumbup:

Next blog will be :wrench: the beocth...until then happy booooooooooooosting
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