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watch Inside West Coast Customs tonite on HD Theater marathon allday......

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just trying to show some vw luv is all. no hate. :)

watch if you can. you would pleasantly surprised how many WCC employees drive vw's.
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Yes sir! I been watching it for a LONG Time I always see some nice VWs around.
I'm sorry, was there supposed to be a GTG to watch this? :poke: maybe should have gone in "anything Auto"?
i wasn't sure were to put this!?
a gtg will go down at the shop soon.
another tread will be made.
sorry for polluting your area.
so jealous I wish i was on the west coast for that gtg :(
That Ford pickup they made for The Expendables was so sweet.
A VW GTG at WCC???? Hell, I'd be down for that road trip!:driving:
saw that red mk2 on the episode yesterday.
:) i miss that car. that episode was filmed 5-6 months ago.
we filmed quite a few clips of my mk2.
I'm hoping for a cool rolling one we did in front of the shop to show up soon.

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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