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Working from home I no longer drove my old car so a sold it and picked up a 2010 wagon with 97k miles and had service records of maintenance done from the dealer up to 60k miles for $3,000. The paint and interior are fantastic 9/10.
I bought it knowing that it had a misfire and bucked when accelerating with the gas pedal. I knew the potential fixes of either doing tune-up (plugs and coil packs) or finding a potential vacuum leak.
I took it home on a trailer and got to work and found myself with a real project car.
Turned out cylinder three lost compressions and got to work pulling the head. The exhaust valve on cylinder three was burnt and needs replaced.
Just ordered intake and exhaust valves, timing kit, hpfp, and a few other odds and ends.
Taking the head to a machine shop this week to have it checked for flatness and to install new valves and valve seals.
Also checked the Cylinder walls and piston heads for wear or contact and look great to me so far.
I am thinking I should probably replace the diverter valve while everything is easy to access but not sure what rev (D or G) I should get.
Also would love any feedback on what else I should look out for while I have it torn down.
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The only thing I can think of additional is the cam follower for the HPFP and PCV/oil separator parts. For any new parts, I always get the latest revision as long as it is still recommended on that car.
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